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Bryan Y.

For over nine months, our two year old had a constant runny and stuffy nose, and at night he was so stuffed up that it was very difficult for him to get a decent night’s sleep. Our pediatrician kept trying different medications that didn’t seem to help, while the suggested allergy tests showed he had no allergies. We finally decided to take him to an ENT, and found out his adenoids were enlarged. We scheduled surgery and it has been four weeks, and he hasn’t had any runny noses or stuffiness. Plus, he is eating better and sleeping through the night. Dr. Ulrich was very professional and he and his staff helped put my son at ease during our initial consultations as well as prior to the surgery. He also took the time to share all of the pertinent information and answer any of our questions before and immediately after the surgery.

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Sister Grace Scola

After several trips to audiologists and ear specialists, and finally admitting that I was in denial about my hearing loss, I decided to visit Dr. Ulrich. I am very grateful to him and his staff. Their kindness and understanding have helped me tremendously.

My Siemen’s hearing aids have enabled me to hear conversations, T.V., music and lectures without asking someone what I missed. Many friends are surprised that I am wearing hearing aids, since they are practically invisible.

I am happy that I made the choice to wear them every day. I can live a
more normal, less stressful life.

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Marsha Goodall

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Ulrich’s for a number of years. Recently after retiring, we decided to move to Virginia. A month or so after relocating the tube in my left ear worked its way out. I tried unsuccessfully to find another ENT in the remote area we moved to. I called Dr. Ulrich’s office and the wonderful office staff there worked me in. After checking my ears, Dr. Ulrich worked me in on a non-surgery day before office hours to replace the tube as we had planned to leave for home before his next surgery day. Thank you to Dr. Ulrich and his great staff for showing such care and concern and taking care of me so promptly. I just may continue to make the trip back for check up’s as it will be hard to find another office this great.

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